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Laws of Attraction

Ever noticed how fine the line between romance and repulsion is? Think about it. When your crush stalks your IG and shows up at the same bar as you, it's cute, possibly even romantic.

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Ever noticed how fine the line between romance and repulsion is? Think about it.
When your crush stalks your IG and shows up at the same bar as you, it's cute, possibly even romantic

On the flip side, when anyone else does it, it's just downright creepy! So, what determines the line? The simple answer is attraction, though attraction is far from simple. The laws that govern attraction are much the same as those that govern the time-space continuum, an absolute mystery

We know within 90 seconds of meeting someone whether or not we're attracted to them, but do we know why? The obvious answer would be physical features, right? The truth is, there's a lot more to attraction than the way someone looks.

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After all, one person's George Clooney is another person's Javier Bardem - though even Javier managed to bag Penelope Cruz, so case in point really. The list of what attracts one person to another is not only long, but also completely differs from person to person.

Some people want a partner who is similar to them, while others still believe that opposites attract. Some prefer tall, others short, blonde, brunette, active, smart... like I said, it’s a long list. There are however three factors that seem to appear on every list, every time. Smell, confidence and humor.

Unlike confidence and humor (which are personality traits) smell works subconsciously on a biological level. In other words, you simply can't control the fact that you're attracted to someone who smells good. In fact, a consumer study proved that bold leather accord intensifies the attraction between couples.

It's science really, and you can't argue with science. No surprise then that the new Avon Attraction Sensation for him and her is infused with an exclusive bold leather accord. Now, this certainly doesn't mean you should pour a bottle of it over your head and rush out the door in search of a partner.

The key to smelling good is to take a subtle approach, and the key to subtlety is knowing how to layer your fragrance to last the day without turning you into a biohazard.

Gents can layer their fragrance by using the Attraction Sensation Him Hair & Body Wash or a scented aftershave conditioner before applying Attraction Sensation for Him EDT, whereas ladies can layer with scented body lotion before applying their Eau De Parfum.

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The result of smelling good really is a doubleheader - not only does it work at making you more attractive to others but when you smell good, you feel good, and when you feel good you beam with confidence. This was proven in a recent study where women were shown silent videos of men both wearing and not wearing a fragrance. The findings showed that the men wearing fragrances were considered more attractive than those who weren’t. All this without smelling or talking to them. Science wins again!

The laws of attraction may be complex, but if the right scent is all it takes to intensify your attraction and bolster your confidence, then all you need are a couple of good jokes to make you the perfect catch.

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