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Best Halloween: Makeup tricks

Halloween is definitely one of the most exciting times of year for makeup lovers because it gives us a reason to create fun looks that we wouldn’t usually get the chance to.

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Halloween is definitely one of the most exciting times of year for makeup lovers because it gives us a reason to create fun looks that we wouldn’t usually get the chance to.

And whether you celebrate the holiday or not, it’s easy to join the craze and find a reason to show off your more creative makeup skills. In 2019, inspiration has been everywhere – from the food we eat and our favourite underwater creatures to Halloween cult classics reimagined. My favourite type of Halloween looks are the ones that challenge me, but are fun to recreate. That’s why I loved creating my Candy Land-inspired unicorn, and I also loved Sanesh Naidoo’s glam-mermaid and Cantara Farouk’s quick and easy skull.

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My Candy Land-inspired unicorn combined two of my favourite things – makeup and food! I’ve found that to truly make the most out of your makeup kit, you need to be prepared to think out of the box. For example, the bright body paint I used was really the Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer, and the detailing was done using Avon True Glimmerstick Eyeliner. Accenting this with sprinkles was the (almost literal) icing on top!

All you’ll need is a pair of fishnet stockings, Mark 3D Plumping Lipstick, Mark Magix Skin Finishing Stix, and Mark 18-Hour Eyeshadow Ink.

Mark 18-Hour Eyeshadow Ink. By placing the stockings over your head and blending the lipsticks on your face using a makeup brush, you’ll be able to create fresh-out-of-the-water scales in no time. Top it off with a dramatic eye, bold lip and shimmering highlighter to really make the most of your Halloween makeup look.

Take your skull from ghoulish to glam using Avon True Power Stay Lip Colors, Mark by Avon Whip Into Shape Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner and Corrector and the Avon True Flawless Mattifying Pressed Powder. Perfect for a quick Halloween look on the go, the liquid eyeliner works well to outline your cheekbones and teeth while the pressed powder adds haunting shadows to your face. Add those contours to your cheeks, nose and eyes, add a pop of life back into your face with a bright lip colour.

However, the fun of Halloween makeup also comes precaution, because sometimes long-lasting makeup can do its job too well and be difficult to remove. To prevent this, prep your skin with the Mark Magix Prep & Set Spray before you start and use the Nutra Effects Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover to take it off. The spray creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup, preventing it from staining, and the makeup remover is gentle and effective enough to remove even waterproof makeup from your eyes.

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Now with all of that said and done, it’s time to make this Spooky Season one to remember!

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