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Finding the Perfect Nude Lipstick

For the longest time, finding the right “nude” lipstick shade for my complexion felt as complicated as trying to find the correct foundation shade for my skin!

Perfect nude

The perfect nude lip shade: Does it exist?

For the longest time, finding the right “nude” lipstick shade for my complexion felt as complicated as trying to find the correct foundation shade for my skin! I’ve never struggled with lipstick, generally. I’m quite bold, in fact, rocking reds and happily wearing a deep plum or almost black Rihanna-esque shade with no mirror or second thought required. However, nude lipstick? I’ve always been doubtful of my abilities to pull that off without looking a little washed. I am forever wary of the 90’s “hungry look.”


Nude 1





That is until I had the great pleasure of playing around with nine different shades of “nude” lovingly sent to me by the team at Avon. Their new range of Avon’s True UltraMatte Lipstick is right on time as winter has arrived, ushering in the smoky eye! Everyone knows that the smoky eye can only be paired with a perfect nude lip for the classic glam look.





From the True UltraMatte Range of nudes by Avon, I landed on three favourites, which I will be alternating throughout winter. The lipstick’s consistency is creamy but leaves no shine, and it stays perfectly matte, which is a miracle. First up, French Toast, which I found to be the perfect everyday just-running-out-doing-some-errands shade for me.

french toast
Chocolate Crush





After a superficial chemical peel last week my skin is behaving itself, so I’m taking full advantage and am happy to wear these shades on bare skin with zero makeup. Second up is a warmer, richer tone called Chocolate Crush.





Lastly, a more playful, weekend-out-in-the-Joburg-winter-sun vibe called Divine Twig. It’s definitely a mood!

Devine Twig


When choosing a nude lipstick for yourself, here are some useful tips to follow:

  • 1. Don’t be afraid to layer more than one shade to create the perfect nude for yourself.
  • 2. The colour needs to be slightly darker and slightly warmer than your natural skin tone. If you go too light, your lips will disappear. Eek!
  • 3. If your skin is on the paler side, make sure that your nude lipstick has a hint of pink in it, so you don’t look washed out. A little gloss over your lipstick will give your lips a plump if you have thinner lips.
  • 4. For medium tones, try something warm that mimics your undertone – think caramel or butterscotch shades. With this type of complexion, going too light can look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips.
  • 5. For darker complexion tones, opt for burgundy browns and chocolate shades. Stay away from sandy shades and rather consider wine and berry tones for a little pop of colour.
  • 6. Remember – wearing nude lipstick means you can go wild with your eye makeup, which can be tons of fun.

    Pro-tip: Always make sure your lips are exfoliated before applying lip colour. Use a damp face cloth to gently rub on your lips, removing all dead skin, thus avoiding cracks in your lipstick.
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