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Who’s Your Momma?

Your mother - you love her, obviously. But aside from climbing Mount Everest, choosing the right gift for her personality is probably the most challenging thing you’ll ever do - especially since she’ll love whatever you give her.

Mother's Day

5 Must-have Gifts For Every Type of Mom-Personality

This year - no matter what her personality - we’re helping you choose a gift she’ll genuinely enjoy, and not just because you’re her favourite child. Here are some of the most common types of moms, and the top 5 gifts she’ll love best:

The Spoiler Mom

Your mom is willing to do anything for you - even if it means breaking the rules. Intentionally, or unintentionally, she spoils you because she loves you that much - she just can’t say NO. Spoil her with the mother of all gifts: a beautifully classic gold-toned, faux-pearl necklace and matching studs set.


The Selfie Mom

Instamoms, Facebook moms… Whether there’s a story behind her smile or she just loves to take photos, you can count on the fact that your mom is always bragging about you - even if you’re not in the picture. Give her some extra likes this Mother’s Day with the bold, long-lasting power of Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick. With 18 different shades to choose from, your modern-mom won’t be able to get enough of how fabulous she looks.


The Busy Working Mom

Remember those times she worked extra shifts to ensure you could have the things you needed to graduate? Your mom might not have time to mingle, but she belongs to an elite class of women who are working hard to make sure you have everything she never had. Take care of her this Mother’s Day with the beautifully luxurious Encanto Alluring gift set: a body lotion, hand cream and body spray infused with white orchid and sandalwood.


The Stage Mom

Your mom is always present in every activity you take part in… from the school concerts she happily attends to the birthday parties she organises for you and your friends. She won’t miss any of it for sure. She’s the most encouraging and supportive individual and she believes you are the most talented kid on earth. Her confidence in your abilities can only be matched by the Luck for Her gift set. Show her how much you believe in her with the beautiful notes of bergamot, red fruits and sandalwood, wrapped in a gorgeous limited edition Mother’s Day gift box.


The Know It All Mom

Your mom knows everything. For every question you ever asked her, she had an answer - and she’s never wrong. You know your mom knows best... sometimes. This year you can thank her for always speaking the truth - even when you don’t want to hear it - with the delicious mixture of pomegranate, peony and sweet cedarwood, captured in a refreshing 50ml perfume, body lotion and purse spray. The truth is, it’s perfect for her.


The conclusion?

So there you have it - the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, delivered safely to your door whether you’re near or far.


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